Monday, September 17, 2007

Free advertising Rocks

We finally started the Bulletin Board at the Bistro. You can advertise your rock and roll websites for FREE all you do is go to the site and E-mail Me. I'll check out your site and then post it as long as it is a non Adult site. You can also post your own concert experiences on my myspace site at: Suggestions are welcome as well. So come Rock with us and help us unite the "Heavy Metal Army"!
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Friday, September 7, 2007

Rockin' The World

What a rockin' day,

Just got some awesome "Danzig" videos,along with some old "Misfit" stuff as well. But what was really awesome is that every since DVD's came out I have been searching for some of the rarest stuff out there, never found any until today. The most frickin' cool thing is that in 1983 I snuck my way into the three day "US Festival". I was eighteen or nineteen back then and hitch hiked my way to San Bernadino valley from Pheonix Arizona just to see that concert, (Broke and All). Anyway I wound with a medical pass given to from one of my rides. I was the only person who got inside with a dog. A silver tipped german shepard to be exact. To get to the point I actually found a three DVD disc set of that concert and hope to aquire it in a couple of weeks.
Why do I tell you this? well because I want to find out what kind of stuff you want to find out there. whats rare to you ? I'm dedicated to bringing you all of the best "Heavy Metal" stuff you could want. Everything from Amplifiers to Guitars, Distortion pedals to DVD's, CD's, Clothing, Jewelry, and posters and the list goes on.
Try the links in the side bar I intend to include a lot more but need permission from those owners. There will be links to post your own bands in order to get GIG's in your area, You will find name brand music equipment as well as T-shirts of your favorite bands. Some of what I believe are the coolest links I've seen. But Hey! I'm open to suggestions as well. Watch for new rockin' links daily. Check out: Dark